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Wasteaware is taking part in an innovative ‘incentives’ scheme in the UK. Schemes are set to launch in the next 2 months, and they will offer community and individual rewards for green behaviour which reduces the quantities of waste required to be sent to landfill. Based on our work, the benefits of the scheme have been quantified and a funding application submitted to start the first scheme. The incentives scheme is designed to become self-sustainable within 2 years, and will help to de-link waste generation from economic growth. Further information can be seen on www.localgreenpoints.com

April 2012

Wasteaware is a part of a Consortium implementing ‘Waste Governance’, the European Commission financed ‘headline’ project being led by our partner Eptisa. Wasteaware is developing regional waste management strategies in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and also helping on other project components of the project including public awareness, waste classification, and quality assurance. More details can be seen on www.wastegovernance.org

April 2012

Wasteaware has been given the honour of presenting and facilitating at the UN Commission for Sustainable Developments’ Intersessional Conference being held from 16-18 February 2011 in Tokyo. The focus of our paper is on ‘Investing in Resources & Waste Management’ where we look at the policy context & challenges facing the sector globally. As part of the paper Wasteaware has estimated to global investment demand for waste management infrastructure, the first time to our knowledge that such a macro-demand assessment has been carried out. More information can be gained from visiting http://www.uncrd.or.jp/env/110216csd19.htm

April 2012

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